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Buy used cars

buying a used car

Do you want to buy a used cars in Madrid - Spain ?

You are at the right place!! More than 1.000 second hand cars properly checked under our first grade guaranty program. Our company experience started in 1968, and our professional group have more than 30 people ready to help and serve you!! We will guide you trough all the process and we will solve all the paperwork so you do not have to worry at all:

  • We will transfer officially the car to your name.
  • We will solve all the paperwork and legal procedures for you.
  • We can help you with the car insurance and any other steps to buy your car with confidence and all the guarantees.
buy your used car in Madrid

We have our own car workshop

Taller mecanico de coches Taller e coches en Collado Villalba

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